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Monday, July 8, 2013

Time4learning my Review Review I was given a chance to review time4learning for a month with my 3rd grade child. I would for sure say that the curriculum offered here are well rounded materials. The curriculum is presented in such a way where the lessons are fun, colorful and entertaining. The character who is doing the speaking does not talk down to the student, or treat them as lesser person, but as a teacher that enjoys their job and that can't wait to share their information with the child. I thoroughly love that. This works very well on lower grade levels say from preschool on up to 4th grade. I love the set up and the fact that you not only get access to your child’s grade level but the grade level above and below as well. We personally used the website along side our normal curriculum as a kind of review of the concepts we had covered earlier in the school yr. I found the math and language arts to be very animated and just what my daughter enjoys . We decided to only use it for math and the language arts programs, but the social studies and science areas are good too. They just don't quite fit for DD's learning style. We needed more color, more visuals, less text. My suggestion would be to add in some imbedded videos or game simulation type material to the science and history. For anyone just now starting out as a homeschool parent and not really sure what to cover or even how to keep records this site can be a life saver. You not only get a clear laid out plan of what is covered in most state standards you get a printable grade book that can be by the day, week, or month. I found the parent forum to be a great place to visit not just for time4learning information but over all homeschool ideas and or websites. I personally would not recommend this as an all inclusive homeschool curriculum for a few reasons. One I think that kids not only need to learn state standards but they need access to material that allows them to follow their own interest. Two for the hands on child this may not be the best way for them to learn. Three even though the curriculum covers a good bit I don’t think it gives enough review in some areas or digs deep enough in others. I would love to see them add more animation to the science and history areas as well as more review in math. Overall I would recommend the website to any homeschool family starting out and not sure what to do or ones lookinf for an affordable site to use for reviewing concepts. I feel it is well worth the $20 dollars a month but I could see where it could be costly for parents with multiple children. Maybe a bigger discount would help there. …… Rayne Cater

Added on Note New to Time4learning this yr High school courses. I have not actually checked these out yet but wanted to let you know they are starting this coming school year 2013-2014.

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