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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Thinking Ahead for High School

I have been thinking a lot about Alyssa's course of action when it comes to high school. Where Doug has no desire to go to college Alyssa does. She wants to veterinarian or a Marine Biologist.She is also interested in Religious studies and I plan to address that using an at home study course through the University of Sedone. This would allow her to obtain a B.A. in Metaphysical Science .  So I know now I need her math and science to be strong and that means I to will need to learn this material ahead of time or at least a good general understanding. I have also been thinking about covering a few course in 8th grade that could be counted toward high school credits. Which means we would be doing a 5 yr high school plan instead of  four year plan.This would allow for a lighter course load during high school and allow us to take more time with the material. I am going to list the possible course and then the ones I am pretty sure we will use. Those will be listed yr 1, yr 2 ect..

 Grammar and Comp I
Grammar and Comp II
American Literature
World Literature
Creative Writing

Algebra I
Algebra II
Consumer math
Personal Finance

Ancient History
Medieval History
American History
World Geography
World religions
 Alternative History Theories

Physical Science
Life Science
Earth Science
 Marine Science
Forensic Science
Veterinarian Science ( this could be taken through a distant learning program and hands on volunteering at local vet) 

Spanish I
Spanish II
Culinary I
Culinary II
Art History
Music History
Metaphysical Science(this can be done through distant learning at University of Sedona )
ACT - Test Prep

 Now I will list the course I am pretty sure she will choose or will need to take

Year 1- 6credits
Ancient History-( Susan Wise Bauer)
Spanish 1
 Culinary 1-( I already have two year study books from culinary school to use)
Pre-Alg-( A+tutorsoft)
Art History
Physical Science
Grammar and Comp I

Year 2- 7 credits
Earth science-(CK -12)
Medieval History -( Susan Wise Bauer)
Spanish 2
Algebra 1-(A+tutorsoft)
Culinary II-( Culinary School Text)
Garmmar and Comp II

Year 3 - 6 credits
Algebra II-( A+tutorsoft)
American History
American Lit
Photography-( online free course along with a course given at local rec center)
World Religions- ( Anthropology of Religion offered online through Utah State if still available)  

Year 4 -5 credits-( Note she would actually have enough credits to graduate this yr)
Creative Writing
Life Science
Act- Test Prep
Preforming Arts- ( local Preforming Arts studio)

Year 5- 3credits and first yr toward B.A. in Metaphysical science
Veterinarian Science-( hands on working at local vet. and distant learning course from Stratford Career Institute )
World Geography
Personal Finance
Metaphysical Science-(distant learning from University of Sedona, we will actually start this course mid year of the 4th year and will finish the course 6 months after finishing high school)

This should give her a total of 27 credits, 1 yr toward diploma in Veterinarian Assistant  and  a B.A. in Metaphysical Science.  Math credits-4, English credits- 4, History credits-6, Science credits-5 making 19 core credits.  I am not giving credits for Pre-Algebra, ACT test Prep, or the Metaphysical Science course, or Veterinarian Assistant . She would continue the Veterinarian Assistant program at home after high school for another 6 months to a year. It is a learn at your own pace program. I will add a link and info below. Since I am a Certified Pet Groomer I will be teaching her that as well as her volunteering at a few different Vets. Locally that I have a good relationship with and said they would love to give her the hands on experience.
If she chose to then enter into an actual state college she would already have a degree as a Veterinarian Assistant and a B.A. in Metaphysical Science.

Stratford Career Institute Vet. Asst. Program information

Veterinary Assistant Tuition: $1089.00      

Stratford Career Institute's pricing is simple. Our all-inclusive tuition fee includes everything you need to graduate. No fine print. No hidden charges. .

You have two convenient payment options available to you:

Full Payment:
   A single payment of $789.00 by check, money order, or credit card.

Interest-Free Monthly Payment Plan:
   Down Payment: $20.00    Number of Monthly Payments: 21    Monthly Payment Amount: $36.61


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