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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Reason I Homeschool

Reason I Homeschool
One of the main reasons I chose to homeschool really had nothing to do with religions or academic levels at all. It was not about the books, the lessons, or the test to see how much they have learned. It was not about any of those things for me. No, it was about a deeper more connected relationship with my children. As a mother and as a homeschool family we have to find our balance. Sometimes we put so much focus on what we need to cover educationally we forget to stop and smell the roses. To enjoy their childhood. We forget in our busy lives to put that connection first before that history lesson, before checking off all the things one most learn this yr. When I look back years from now I don't just want to be proud of the young men and women my children have become I want to be proud of the woman they helped me become. I have always heard "children are our greatest teachers" and I hope mine teach me as much as I teach them. So instead of stressing everyday about whether or not you covered everything on your schedule stop and enjoy the time, the love, the connection you are building with the most precious of gifts in life , Your children.

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