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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Do You Have Any Teaching Credentials to Homeschool?

I know I have heard this myself a few times. First off I feel your best and most important credential is the fact that you are the child's parent and no one knows them or cares more about them than you do. God gives you this credential when he placed that spark of life in your womb .Do you need to have a teaching degree or even experience to homeschool? In most states the answer is NO. But there are a few where you do need these so please make sure you check your state laws. I do not personally believe you need to hold a degree to be a successful homeschool family. I do how ever feel that if it is your desire to do so you should do nothing more than reach that goal in life. I have personally taken 2 workshops in Waldorf Education and plan to in the near future hopefully be certified as a Waldorf teacher. That is only because I desire to incorporate a more Waldorf style education with my own children. That being said there is no better way to be a great teacher  than first hand experience and the desire to be your child's best teacher.  Your everyday experience teaching your children will in fact turn you into a world class teacher.

 My personal credentials besides being their parent are these

Tonya Cater is a high school graduate (1996) in the state of Georgia. She holds a Masters Degree in Metaphysical Science. She is continuing her  education and is currently enrolled at University of Sedona's Doctoral Degree Program and work on a Ph.D in Pastoral Therapy. She is a certified pet groomer through , The International Professional Groomers, Inc. She has 9 yrs experience running her own business. She has 6 yrs experience as a Library Aid in Coweta County School System along with 6 yrs as a parent classroom aid. She held a PTA office for 2 yrs at Atkinson Elementary School. She also has two years experience in Early Childhood Education. She has taken 2 workshops in Waldorf Education and plans to get certified as a Waldorf teacher after completing her Doctoral Degree.

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