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Monday, July 8, 2013

I Scream, You Scream ,We all Scream for ICE CREAM

Ever year we start the first day of school off with something fun. Last year it was pizza themed. This year we are going all out and covering ourselves in Ice Cream. I have collected math and grammar games that are ice cream themed. We have two books to read. One is on how ice cream is made, the other is a 200 page book on historical facts about America's favorite dessert. We will be doing ice creamed themed water color paintings. Writing about their own made up flavor of ice cream. We will also be watching a video that shows the making of ice cream from milking the cow all the way to in your local grocery. The kids will be making cookie dough ice cream bowls and home made ice cream using a youtube video that teaches about the chemical reaction that takes place . I am super excited and even have about 6 different topping for them to cover their frozen treat in. The kids will also be getting their first look at this years curriculum line up and we will be taking the time to look through each item and talk about the different topics we will be covering this year.

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