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Sunday, July 7, 2013

This Years Curriculum Line Up

Alyssa (4th)

Math- Aha math (website)/ A+Tutor soft 4th grade (software)

Grammar- Growing With Grammar 4th/ Evan Moor Grammar workbook 4th/ Grammaroplis (website)

Voc- Scholastics Voc a Day/ Wordly Wise 4th

Spelling- Spelling Power

Reading- various books that will correlate with her science and history

Science- Elemental Science Zoology/ Science Odyssey Life Science for labs/ Real Science 4 Kids Biology elementary level/ 72 various books on animals, plants, insects, human body, cells.

History- American History Colonial Times- Civil War- Evan moor History pockets/ Homeschooling in the woods (colonial times, revolutionary war, civil war)/ Our History Spine is A History of Us Books/ 67 various books that cover this time span.

Art- Evan Moor teach children Art Lessons

Philosophy- Teach Children Philosophy (website)

World Religions- Various movies and books we will be a major focus on the different festivals of the yr.


Since he is so young I am not forcing anything but will have material ready for and if he ask to join in. A good bit of worksheets and unit studies are from the site and I can not speak highly enough of the site for those pre-school-3rd grade.
We will start using progressive phonics as much as he is interested in learning along with reading multiple books at multiple times each day to him. I have collected just about every manipulative I can get my hands on for him. Everything from snap cubes, play money, puppet show set to wooden blocks. I have also collected a large number of learning puzzles for him. I believe that most of what he will learn will be from sitting in on big sister's lessons which he did all last yr. I have also bought a life time membership to Looney Tunes Phonics and he plays daily on Between what we have on hand and him joining in on her lessons I am very sure he will be ready with no problem for Kindergarten next yr.

Doug(11th/12th)- Doug is not college bound and so our major focus educationally is either vocational learning  or interest lead. He will have more than the avg. public school student does in credits at the end of this school year and will allow for him to graduate.

Most of his courses are using either opencourse or a software from High Achiever.

Courses This Year
12th grade Lit
Alternative History Theories- This is a course I designed using the work of Graham Hancock and Robert Buaval
World Religions
Photography II
Drivers Ed
Basic Electrician - This will be hands on working weekends with his uncle
Auto Shop- This will be working 1 day a week at his father's shop

All in all I have worked really hard to base this yr around the needs and interest of each of my kids individual needs. Alyssa's and Maverick's curriculum is very visual and hands on using mainly Unit Studies in history and science. Doug's is very interest lead using subjects that he is interested in or careers that he may choice to pro sue after high school. I know that for some homeschooling families the very thought that I am not pushing my child to go to college is crazy, but I am more concerned on allowing him to find his own path in life not one society says he should follow.


  1. Looks like you have a great year planned!! Can't wait to see how it all goes!!

  2. I know I am excited that is for sure. We start vaca this week then after we are back it is only a week til we start. They are ready too. Alyssa keeps attempting to sneak peeks at the curriculum,lol