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Monday, July 8, 2013

Rhythm of Our Family

Having a family rhythm is a bit different than what you may thing but it may also be a bit similar. It is in a since similar to a family schedule but for us it is not about set times wrote down on a chart. It is about the flow of moving along from one natural activity in our home to another. I feel having a rhythm in our home is very important to the stability, spirituality, and over all family unit. Every family and home environment is different this is just how things work for us. My entire family have been for years early riser. I think this is in part to daddy's work schedule. He leaves the home around 6:30 a.m and everyone wants to make sure they get a hug and a kiss from him before he leaves. So this is a look at what an avg day looks here in our home.

6:00-6:30 wake up and spend time with Daddy before he goes off to work
6:30-7:30 free time usually they spend this time playing with toys or watching their favorite cartoon
7:30-8:00- breakfast
8:00-8:30 morning affirmations, prayers and story. We spend this time addressing the things we are grateful for, those we want to send love to, or things we would like to spiritual work on. Then we usually read a short story that revolve around either creation, myths/legends, or fairy tales.
8:30-9:00- morning circle time we do 15 mins of meditation and then 15 min of free dance/movement
9:00-12:00 homeschool studies
12:00-1:00- lunch and art
1:00-2:30- homeschool studies
2:30-3:30- Is nap time for my toddler and spiritual studies with my older too
3:30-5:30- free time
5:30-6:00- chores
6:00-7:00- cook and eat dinner
7:00-8:00- family time - usually we spend time playing games or watching movies or just sitting around talking
8:00-8:30 - family reading time. - Some days we read one book as a family other times each child is reading a book on their own.
8:30-9:00- bath and bed time.
9:00-12:00- momma and Daddy time. It is very important to make time for your partner everyday.

Some days we finish early some days we go over. There are days when the weather is great for having circle time outside and we take advantage of those as much as we can. A few days a week we spend our homeschool time out side or at a park as well. The point is not to stick to the actual time clock wise but follow the flow from one activity to the next. It really does help make our home run smoothly. We do not have a chart wrote down with times on it. My kids just know what comes next.


  1. Gosh, I have never really thought about that before. Awesome post!

  2. Thanks Heather, I was exposed to the idea first in my lessons on the spiritual nature of children in school. That lead me to learning a good bit about Waldorf education. We have been following this on most days for about a yr now. It took a few months for them to just know what comes next and for me to realize it was ok to just flow with it.