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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Topics covered week March 24,2014

List of topics covered week of March 24,2014:

Chinese New year
Chinese folk lore and the Jade emperor
History of Chinese lanterns, dragons, and Ba Long gu rattle drum
Lunar Calender and signs of the Chinese Zodiac
Tao Te Ching
chakras and alternative medicine
Chinese medicine
healing uses of Jade
Fortune cooking cooking and Chinese Food
Dividing  fractions   and multiplication
math games
seasons and new birth
Health( drug use and the effects of drugs on the body)
dwarfism and how people should not let a disability define them
Yin-yang and how all things in creation have both a male/female energy
Paper fans
Chinese traditional music and Chinese pop music
moral stories in literature
different species of cats and the nature instincts associated with cat behaviors

Next week we will be on a week long camping trip with other homeschooling families. During that time we will visit University of Georgia's Veterinarian Program. I am looking forward to writing about that great adventure but will not post much until we return.

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