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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Over view of what we did week of March 10th

We are continuing with our Holistic approach to learning. This week it was all about games. We played Payday, grammar games, high and low( great card game for multiplication practice), fraction pizza, and sum swamp. We took advantage of the nice spring weather and built some play houses and two shelves one for each of the kids. They then painted the shelves to match their rooms. We started a new video series off netflix that I can't even express how amazing it is because it has brought up tons of topics for us to talk about. It is called" The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones."  One episode of Young Indian Jones and we have learned about The African Safari, Food web, live cycle, Endangered Animals, President Teddy Roosevelt, Native African tribes,Breastfeeding and why women have to wear shirts while men don't, means of travel, Steam boats, sail boats, France, Paris, Renaissance Artist, The Mona Lisa,modern art,puppet shows,black smithing, Picasso and that lead to us looking up some examples of his work and how he used cubism , les miserables( which I told her maybe tomorrow we can watch). All I can say is not only are these episodes interesting they bring up tons of topics to talk about. We read a book about President Teddy Roosevelt and an art piece in cubism due to this episode. Both of the younger children have continued to play Minecraft daily learning about trees, plants, minerals, weapons, building, and survival. They have also taken to playing Vet Zoo where they are learning tons about different animals. We learned about chemical reactions while making slime and density while pouring different liquids into a mason jar and dropping different items into it. We visited a STEM expo at our local fairgrounds where we learned about Robots, alligators, snakes, the two species of peppers, engineering, archeology, rockets, pandas, and more. Alyssa practiced how to multiply fractions and whole numbers to fractions. Maverick has started to read short sentences with 2-3 letter words. All in all it was a great week.

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