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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Learning to see your own true beauty

Two things have inspired me to post this all natural selfie. One the TED talk below I hope at least all my female friends will take the time to watch that.Two I have lately seen people posting natural selfies for cancer awareness. My selfie is not for cancer though it is for something the just about every single person is in some way effected by...LOW SELF ESTEEM. For ten yrs I starved my body to fit what society seen as beautiful. I exercised sometimes 4-5 hrs a day. In the process I started to even loose my life. I won the battle but not the war because like most everyone I still have some self esteem issues to work through. It is strange because my husband seems to think I am the most beautiful person on the face of the earth(even without make up). I have all those things we women do not like like bye byes under my arms( you know that little bit of skin that wiggles when you wave), I have stretch marks from having children, I have roles of extra fat, I have the muffin top, the thunder thighs, dark circles under my eyes, blotchy skin tone, freckles, wrinkles, you name it. Sure I can cake on the make up and look like a totally different person. I can even jump and pull my self into some spanks so that everything will stay put while I am out on the town. I can color the gray out of my hair, wear something that accents my so called better body parts so that instead of me they see my boobs,lol. Yet that is not me at least not the real me and those things and that way of thinking is what I would like to bring awareness to. So I say to everyone we don't have to fit societies idea of beautiful we can choose to just be ourselves. Here is me all natural and showing the world that we can be brave enough so that others too will be brave but not on facebook or blogs but in their everyday life.

We will all age and the other beauty will slip from us as our years go by. True beauty comes from within. It is the very essence of your divine being. I wish that my message could inspire just one other woman/girl to not harm themselves for a moment of what society thinks is beautiful but will strive to love themselves and their own inner beauty more. 

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