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Thursday, March 27, 2014

China and the Healing properties of Jade

For the last week China as been the major topic of our interest here. We have read many of the Chinese fairy tales, watched movies, made lanterns, shuttlecocks, mask, and dragons. Last night we even made fortune cookies to go with our Chinese dinner. The Jade Emperor is mentioned many times in Chinese folk lore and that lead me to pull out some of my own old school books from when I was learning about the healing properties of crystals. My children are very much aware of the many uses of crystals as they have seen me balance my chakras, crystals lay around my house for energy purposes, and even watched me give crystals to love ones for healing use in their own home. It is not something I have taught them just something that is in their awareness because it is a norm in my home.

So I decided that our study of China was a great way to also expose my children to the healing properties of Jade. Jade is said to bless whatever it touches, serving mankind across the globe for nearly 6,000 years. For primitive peoples in the British Isles, its toughness, and ability to polish and sharpen made it a favored stone for axe heads, knives and weapons. Indigenous tribes of Mexico, Central and South America, and New Zealand carved it into deity masks and ritual artifacts, even cast it into wells as an offering to the water spirits for fresh and plentiful water. Jade has been the most highly esteemed stone in China throughout recorded history, and was valued for its beauty and powers of healing and protection. An endless variety of gems, vessels, incense burners, beads, burial items and statues have been wondrously carved from Jade, as well as musical instruments and pendants inscribed with poetry.

 Jade is the stone of calm in the midst of storm. Its action balances nerves and soothes cardiac rhythm. A piece of Jade kept in a pocket or on a pendant to stroke from time to time recharges energy, and traditionally guards against illness. Jade may also be used to temper the shock or fear of the very young or very old being cared for in the hospital or away from home and family. Green Jade also fosters chi, or Life Force energies, and is excellent for hiking, gardening or relaxing out of doors. Jade is a powerful cleansing stone, enhancing the body's filtration and elimination organs. It is excellent for treating the kidneys, spleen and supra-adrenal glands, removing toxins and balancing the fluids and water-salt/acid-alkaline ratios in the body. It is helpful to the bones and joints, especially the hips, and for treating bacterial and viral infections, cystitis and genito-urinary infections, and bed wetting. Jade has a restorative property, allowing for both the cellular and skeletal systems to re-bind themselves, and assists in the removal of pain associated with the body's healing of itself. Jade also helps stitches to bind and heal properly, and has been used to diminish cramps and "Charlie horses.  Jade is a "dream stone," releasing negative thoughts and irritability and soothing the mind. It stabilizes the personality, integrating mind with body, to stimulate ideas and make tasks less complex and easier to act upon. Placed on the forehead, it brings insightful dreams.

Personally Jade is one of my favorite stones to work with. It works wonders of balancing the heart chakra. Green Jade is an abundance stone, representing the flow of Divine energy into the reality of one's life. It brings harmony and happiness in business and family relationships, as well material abundance. It is a reminder to smell the flowers, touch the ones you love, and share your heart with others in affirmation of plenty. For some families these type of ideas of using a crystal for healing both physical and spiritual issues might seem strange but for us it is very normal. So today I am taking my kids to my favorite crystal store to pick out their special piece of Jade to work with.

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