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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Be That Parent Willing to Fight for Your Children

The deliberate dumbing down of the American education system is direct relationship with the control systems that so many people are waking up to. So I ask if you are so willing to fight those systems for your freedoms then why are so many parents still buying into the educational system? Why are you not making the connection that they want to keep you and your children in the educational system so that you are easier to control as a slave race. Where do you draw the line of this fraction is worth fighting for but that one is not? Do you choose to allow your children to be programmed into obedient sheeple because of lack of funds or do you still really not see the connection? Do you really believe that the gross teaching to a test is a real system of education? I'm not trying to say hey I homeschool so I am better than you and please don't take it that way. What I am saying is through the journey of waking up the the control systems of the powers that be that pretty much oversee ever single area of our lives I realized that the public educational system was also a huge part of what makes those systems keep us locked up. I realized I had to walk my talk. I couldn't say I am willing to fight the powers that be that have controlled the human race yet not fight also in the area of education that was so clearly a piece of that control. We are fighting for radical change in government, in health care, in clean energy, in safe food, ect.. But how many of us our fighting in the area of education? If you ask me this is one of the most important areas to fight for. Why because first it directly in this moment effects our children. Those beings that we have been blessed to guide through life. 2nd through freeing our children from this area of the control system we are helping them to become free thinkers. The world needs free thinkers to come up with plans to not only end the control system but to create new sustainable systems to take it's place. You cannot solve a problem from the same mind set that created the problem in the first place. I know first hand the idea of homeschooling can be very scary. I know that we fear we will some how fuck it up. But ask your self after you have researched the educational system, the common core, the history of why public school system was even created, could you do any worse?? Even if you do not choose to take the homeschool route are you proactive in fighting for real change in public school or are you just excepting it is what it is? who is more important to fight for than your own children? If you care about ending the control system then get involved. If you care about where America will be in 20 yrs then get involved. If you care about the education your children are getting then get involved. Be that parent raising hell at the school board meetings. Be that parent writing your state representatives in the area of educational changes. Be that parent that supports your child in pursuing alternative educational routes. I write this because I care. I care that we are loosing freedoms. I care that corporate greed controls everything including the educational system. I care about the future of this world. I care about the future of The United States. I care about what we are leaving to the next generation. I am passionate about my children and I am passionate about human rights. I know I am not the only one that cares but are there enough of us attempting to do something about it? Are enough of us willing to Fight for the rights of our children?

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