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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I Dream

I pretty sure it is human nature to dream of something better. I often look out the windows of my home at a neighborhood I wish I could just make disappear. I live here in this home because of many reasons. It is a part of a much bigger life plan. By moving into this not so nice neighborhood we were able to keep my father-inlaw from loosing this house that he had paid 17 yrs on and in return once the house was paid off it would be ours. That would allow us to own the house in 6 yrs. We figured if we lived here ten yrs we would have a good little cushion on our dream. Ten yrs can seam like forever and it can fly by in a blink of a eye.

I do dream of the cute little home in my head. The one that is off the grid, has a garden. The home that is away from so much of the madness in the world. Like my own little piece of heaven on earth. I very much am in love with the whole tiny house movement. My husband and I have spent countless hours watching videos and reading blogs about all the different types of tiny homes. Now the land is a whole other story I don't want tiny I want acres 10+ acres. I want enough land where I don't hear the pounding music my neighbors play at all hours of the night. I want the land where I can look up and clearly see the stars in the night sky. I want the land that I can help nurture love back into. I want that land that I am so connected to that it feels my presence. I sometimes worry with so much corpt. greed and government control by time I have the funds for that dream they will quash it away like they do so many freedoms.

My dreams go bigger than my little piece of heaven to grow old in. I dream of a clean and healthy earth. Where the water doesn't have chemicals and drugs added to it under the cover of what the government things is best for us. I dream of fresh air that isn't polluted and no Chemtrails crossing the sky like a tick tac toe board. I dream of a world with no wars fought in the name of freedoms when really it just boils down to oil and control. I dream of a world were every community has a garden of fresh non GMO foods that are free for the taking. A world were their is true liberty and freedom. I dream of a world where I don't have to strap a gun to my side to go grocery shopping and can still feel safe. I dream of a world where the family is valued over all. A world where schools do not teach to a test but allow the true passion and creativity to be exposed through loving guidance not stress and pressure to be in the top of the class. I dream of a world where all humans are equal. I dream of a world where the next generation actually has a bright future. A world where both parents don't have to work just to keep food on the table. A world where there is enough free time for the families to connect and love their journey together. I don't know if any of my dreams will ever come true but that doesn't stop me from dreaming and fighting to make them happen. I fight everyday in some way to see these dreams come true. I fight to stop Monsanto from gaining control of the seeds and the food. I fight for parent rights. I fight to expose chemtrails. I fight for a stop to the government wars full of lies. I fight for the children in schools even though I have removed my own from the damaging effects of the public school system. I am involved in organizations that help spread awareness and come up with solutions to the gross neglect of humans across the globe. I fight for my children and the next generation to have a bright future. My personal dream of a tiny home on a plot of land may never come true because really that dream doesn't matter in the bigger picture of things. That dream is a selfish dream when you look at the state of our beautiful world these days. If you ask me we should all be fighting because if we are not brave enough to do so we will be leaving nothing worth a shit to our children. How good would that land be if you have to give 50% of it to the government or the soil is so poor it won't even grow food. How bright will the next generation be when the water isn't clean and the air is killing them. What kind of future do you dream the human race will have? Are you willing to fight to make it happen? Are you willing to give up that brand new home and fancy car so that you can put more focus on family time and real world issues? Or do you prefer to live out your life with blinders on pretending that next year it will get better?


  1. Come to Central Oregon! We are about a year (hopefully sooner) from buying 30+ acres and building a (mostly) off-grid house and greenhouse to sustain and provide a business. My husband was just talking yesterday of expanding the idea to include a co-op type housing community, lol!

  2. That is awesome. Love seeing there are others like me out there.