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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

New House New School year

The last few months have been a crazy busy. We bought a new house in a wonderful area and much closer to hubby's work. Instead of an hour drive each way he now only has about 20 min drive. Can you say big time savings in gas and much more family time, Yay! So the new house also has two extra rooms one we turned into our homeschool room and the other we turned into a library. Yes, I said a library,lol. We are finally settled in and will be starting the new school year next Tuesday. I like to start our year in July because here in Georgia July is extremely hot and going outside can get a bit uncomfortable. This way we can take off during Sept. when it is still warm enough to go swimming but not so hot that you feel like your melting. I think the kids are ready to start back up as well seeing they have both asked for some work to do. So Who wants to see the new homeschool room? Bye Bye working out of the living room and kitchen and hello to a room set up just for our homeschooling journey.

I added an old desk to the end of our kitchen table to be used for my desk.

My whiteboard wall. My whiteboard is the one item I personal just can't do without. I think we use it more than we even use the computers.

The house came with some selves and we added a few more to fit all of our stiff. Plus there is plenty of room for both of the kid's desk.

 Last but not lest the library. We purchased the shelves that can hold up to 3,000 lbs spaced them out to make a walk way between each one. Then I put all the books by subject. Around the room is a built in shelf too. We have tons of space and everything seems way more organized.

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