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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Curriculum Plan with a U.S. History Spine

This is the curriculum plan for my 1st grade son and 6th grade daughter for next year. Most of the plan is built around U.S. History. Feel free to use any of the suggestions. All the videos can be found on youtube and I will even post a link to my playlist.

2015-2016 Curriculum Plan
Grammar- Growing with Grammar- level 1- Maverick , Level 6- Alyssa

Writing- Winning With Writing- Vol 4- Alyssa, Handwriting practice- Maverick, copywork- both

Spelling- Sequential Spelling- both

Vocabulary – Wordly Wise – Vol. 2&5

Phonics- Sound City Reading- Free

Literature- Numerous living books( Mostly Audio) 
Free online books Baldwin Online

Geography- Child’s Geography of the World Vol 1 from Knowledge Quest

Spiritual/ Cultural- Buddha at Bedtime, Stories in Our World- from library of amazon
for free lessons click here   free religious studies click here or here

Science- Mr. Q’s Life Science- free course

Science Living Books- Can be found at your library or purchased of sites like amazon( you can find some of these also on The Baldwin Online site posted above
1. Jack’s Insects
2. Burgess Animal Book
3. Burgess Seashore Book
4. Storybook of Science

History- A Living History of our World Vol. 1& 2,  What really Happened Colonial Times, The New Land Stories of American History, First Book In American History You can find free American History books on Baldwin Online site posted above

History Living Books- can be found at your library or can be purchased off sites like amazon
1. Sam The Minuteman
2.George the Drummer Boy
3.The Boston Coffee Party
4.Children of the Longhouse
5.In Their own Words Lewis and Clark
6.Landmark Books Ben Franklin
7. Dear America- The Winter of Red Snow
8. Landmark Books The American Revolution
9.Landmark Books The Witcraft Of Salem Village
10.Dear America Five Smooth Stones
11. Dear America Standing in the Light
12.The True Story of Pocahontas
14.The Very First Americans
15. The Long Way Westward
16.My America A Perfect Place
17.The Civil War An Interactive History Adventure
18. The California Gold Rush An Interactive History Adventure
19. In Their Own Words Abraham Lincoln
20.Soft Rain A Story of the Cherokee Trail of Tears
21.Sarah Plain and Tall
22.Magic Tree House American Revolution
23. George Washington Soldier, Hero, President
24.The Trail of Tears
25.The Lewis and Clark Expedition
26. True Book The Oregon Trail
27.True Book The Transcontinental Railroad
28. True Book Westward Expansion
29. True Book Colonial Life
30. True Book The Declaration of Independence
31.Wagon Wheels
32.Lewis and Clark A Prairie Dog for the President

History Videos-all on youtube
1. Salem Witch Trial - Full Documentary - The Geographic Channel
2. The Revolution - Episode 1 - Boston Bloody Boston
3. The Revolution - Episode 2 - Rebellion to Revolution
4. The Revolution - Episode 3 - Declaring Independence
5. The Revolution - Episode 4 - American Crisis
6. The Revolution - Episode 5 - Path to World War
7. The Revolution - Episode 6 - Forging an Army
8. The Revolution - Episode 7 - Treason and Betrayal
9. The Revolution - Episode 8 - The War Heads South
10. The Revolution - Episode 9 - Hornet's Nest
11. The Revolution - Episode 10 - The End Game
12. The Revolution - Episode 11 - Becoming a Nation
13. The Revolution - Episode 12 - Road to the Presidency
14. The Revolution - Episode 13 (Finale) - A President and His Revolution
15. Lewis & Clark- Great Journey West National Geographic HD
16. The War of 1812 - History – Documentary
17. Jedediah Smith - Story of Us
18. Into the West - Part 1 (Wheel to the Stars)
19. Into the West - Part 2 (Manifest Destiny)
20. Into the West - Part 3 (Dreams and Schemes)
21. Into the West - Part 4 (Hell on Wheels)
22. Into the West - Part 5 (Casualties of War)
23. Into the West - Part 6 (Ghost Dance)
25. History The Gold Rush Documentary
26. The History of Slavery In America (FULL)
27. Trail of Tears National Historic Trail
28. Ken Burns - The Civil War: Episode 1 - The Cause (1861) | Ken Burns Documentary
29. Ken Burns - The Civil War: Episode 2 - A Very Bloody Affair (1862) | Ken Burns
30. Ken Burns - The Civil War: Episode 3 - Forever Free (1862) | Ken Burn
31. Ken Burns - The Civil War: Episode 4 - Simply Murder (1863) | Ken Burns
32. Ken Burns - The Civil War: Episode 6 - Valley of the Shadow of Death (1864) | Ken Burns
33. Ken Burns - The Civil War: Episode 7 - Most Hallowed Ground (1864) | Ken Burns
34. Ken Burns - The Civil War: Episode 8 - War Is All Hell (1865) | Ken Burns
35. Ken Burns - The Civil War: Episode 9 - The Better Angels of Our Nature (1865) |Ken Burns

Typing- Dance Mat Typing
Piano- Hoffman Academy


  1. Nick is doing American history this year and we are using a lot of Netflix movies. He just finished watching America: The Story of Us and really enjoyed it. I am going to have him The Ultimate Guide to the Presidents also and if we get to it, The Men Who Built America. Just ideas if you are interested. My neighbor suggested How the States got their Shapes also, but I may just have him do that over the summer for fun.

  2. I have The Story of Us and How The States got their names saved on my netflix def. might add those on free days or lite work days. Thanks for reminding me of them.

  3. No problem. Nick has been enjoying a more relaxed approach to history this year but learning through videos. He also watched Crash Course US History on youtube. It's amazing how much he has soaked up through this method.