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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Just breathe and get re-centered.

Sometimes we as homeschooling parents get lost in the mix of teaching lessons, searching out more interesting material and helping our fellow homeschooling families. We take on a very heavy load of responsibility and it can and does from time to time throw you off balance in life. We get so focused on the needs of our children and our passion for homeschooling that we forget to address our own needs in the areas of physical, emotional, and spiritual. Before I started homeschooling I had been on a 7 yr spiritual journey , a undeniable thirst for spiritual knowledge and understanding. I 100% believe that spiritual journey lead me to the convictions I feel today so strongly about homeschooling my children. Yet somewhere along the way I let my own spiritual quest fall to the back ground so that I could give homeschooling most of my attention. I took on the running of countless homeschool groups to help others. I somehow stopped having time to search for my own spiritual truths because I was so busy between helping my children and helping my fellow homeschooling families. I stopped meditating ( which was something I knew kept me spiritually and mentally healthy). I realized that I had taken on such a huge amount of work in my drive to help others that I was living one very important person out( myself).

For about a year now that voice that calling has been saying you are doing to much. You need to take a step back and re-center yourself. Remember the bigger picture and the things that are important to you. I had noticed more and more I physically felt drained. I had restless sleeping pattern, and my connection to my inner guidance was not as open as it had been in the past. Not because it had some how disappeared but I had not slowed down long enough to listen to the message in the silence. There wasn't any silence even when I would try to sleep I would be thinking of new lesson ideas, materials I wanted to get, or websites I wanted to share for the benefit of others. I was losing my ability to turn off the switch per say and to just be. Just be with the stillness that has for so many years been my source of true knowing, my guide, my God. I knew deep down that something had to give. I had to take a breath, a break, and re-center myself and my focus on my vision of the co-creating life I truly wanted. I need to get back into my spiritual practices of prayer, intention, and meditation. I needed to reconnect within so that I could truly feel I was living the divine purpose God had planned for me.

Today it hit me that I needed this as much as I need air or water. I needed to regroup and re-center. I decide the first thing was to take a leave from facebook groups for a month. We had just met our yearly attendance and a vacation was a little over a week away. The second thing I needed to do was start back up my daily morning and evening meditations and lastly to reconnect and focus my intentions on the life I wanted to co-create.

To be a good mother, a good wife, and a good teacher we also have to be good at address our own personal needs. We can't just forget to love ourselves as well and loving yourself means taking some much needed me time. It means saying I need a break to just breathe. It means taking time for your spiritual practices be it a walk or meditation. It means an hour long soak in the tub if that is what you need to rejuvenate your soul. Take the time you need to just breathe and be full of life and love and then everything else will fall into it's rightful place in your life.  

This post is a reminder not just to me put to all those out there who need to slow it down a bit and re-center yourselves. JUST BREATHE!!!!!

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