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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter and The Song of Creation.

Humans are the instruments got uses to play his favorite music. You are a note in a song and I am another note. If you strum a guitar, you play five or six notes all together and it sounds really good- a chord, right? Well, all of us here are a chord when we're vibrating right. In attunement we sound a beautiful chord. If the people of the world were all in attuneement, they would be sounding music that we could actually hear. Some people actually do begin to hear the music life is playing throughout the universe. The stars, the planets, the galaxies are all vibrating to this song. This is the song of life, the song of creation. it is the creative word that was spoken in the beginning of time. It is still being spoken now. In the beginning was the word and God was the word. Everything including you was created by the word or the vibration of God. You, me and all of creation are God's song. 

 Now on this wonderful day I want to add to this...Jesus tried to tell the people of the world don't worship me- be like me.Let the same spirit I am move through you.Jesus was like a single note sounding.He knew if their were others vibrating with him, making chords of Gods song with him then they could do great things together. We are here to learn to vibrate/life like Jesus. We are here to help making the beautiful song of God's creation.

On Easter I don't focus on the story of the death of Jesus. You will not see me watching a Passion of the Christ Play. I focus on the message Jesus came here to teach us. I focus on becoming more Christ like and remembering that I am a divine creation , my goal is to attune my vibration to God's creative song and help make the world a better place. To bring it back to it's original glory. I truly do believe that our world is in a time of reawakening, a time where the truths that are at the heart of all religions and spiritual teachings are coming to light. We are waking up to the understanding of our true spiritual birth rite and realizing that we are all apart of God. the story of Jesus rising is the story of the human race waking up.We are at the point in human history were we have been in the tomb for 3 days/ and are now waking up to our true self's. Little by little over the last 2,000 yrs we have woke up more and more. we are beginning to remember things from the very beginning, even things from before the earths creation.Spirit beings are what we are.  For 2,000 years we have been riding the wave of awakening. This is what I believe to be the Second Coming of Christ. This to me is the story of Easter and the message Jesus brought to the earth. Happy Easter may your day be blessed and may you awaken that part of you to take part in God's song.

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