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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Whales Giants of the Deep

We started of Marine life unit off with a unit study on whales. Our local museum just happen to have a whale exhibit going on at this time. The down side way they wouldn't allow picture taking. If you live in or around Atlanta, GA here is a link to the exhibit at Fernbank Museum of Natural History. Not only did they have two different movies. The kids got to hear whale sounds and learned about how toothed whales use echolocation to find prey just like bats do. That tied in nicely to our trip we took on Monday to Crochran Mill Nature Center to learn about bats. They got to crawl inside a life size model of a blue whale's heart and see a life size sperm whale skeleton. We watched a sperm whale hunt for a giant squid and learned how whales have evolved over millions of years. There was a big focus on the North Atlantic Right whales which happens to be Georgia's State marine mammal. After our trip we came home and read the following books to find out more whale facts.

DK Whales and Dolphins
Who Would Win Whale vs. Giant Squid
Magic School Bus: The Wild Whale Watch
Baby Whales Drink Milk
Amazing Whales
The Life Cycle of a Whale
Great Migration Whales

Alyssa put together the whale lapbook off of homeschool share found here

Some interesting  whales facts can be found here and here . We  watched this video : Discovery Channel Killer Whales off netflix. 

She also made a Whale fact poster using mixed medium art of marker, watercolor, and stickers

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