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Monday, August 19, 2013

Relaxed Homeschooling is relaxing and fun

The only structured schooling we did today was math. It took a total of 35 mins. Oh boy you are saying. She hasn't taught her kids diddly today. Sure I have. We learned how to make french toast for breakfast. Then we piled in the van and head to grand daddy's house so we could harvest the garden. Do you realize how much learning takes place if you are out in nature. I learned beans will mold if they have to much water. That corn can get a fungus on it that looks like a brain. Seriously it looked like a brain. We discovered so many creatures. Snails of all sizes eating away at the leaves. Baby lizards jumping from one plant to another. My kids got a kick out of them. Spiders and ants every where. We talked about all these living creatures. What classification we would put them into. What they ate and why a garden seemed to be a perfect home to them. We talked about good bugs in a garden and bad bugs in a garden. Then I explained the difference between bugs and insects because not all insects are bugs.Then we learned how to shuck corn and even found some worms to add to our list of living creatures that live in a garden. On the way home we played the adjective game. This is game to see who can use the most adjectives to describe something. We talked about the water cycle and how we have had so much rain that it is now harming the garden. We came home and the kids decided to find out how snails get their shells. After lunch it was time to sit down a do a little reading and the two oldest are off in the rooms engrossed in their books. I am sure we will find even more to learn before this day ends. Remember the world is your classroom and there is always something to learn. 

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